Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Review: Six Months of Experience

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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is one of the most selling android device phone after the Redmi Note 5 Pro in Q2 2018. I have been using Asus Zenfone series since 2016, the first one I got was Asus Zenfone 2 Laser which is a ZenUI based. Recently, the Asus confirmed the new Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 is launching on 11th Dec in Indonesia, but we talk about this later, right now keep this post for Zenfone Max Pro M1.

Lots of Videos:

Most of you don’t know as I am a YouTuber and I covered many topics regarding the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 on my Youtube channel. You can watch the playlist here



This review is a bit late, the device was launched on 3rd May 2018, and I had bought this device during the very first flash sale in Flipkart.

zenfone max pro m1


Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octa Core 1.8GHZ
GPU – Adreno 509
Memory – up to 6GB | up to 64GB ROM | Expandable Up to 2TB
Resolution – 2160 x 1080p supports 4k video
Camera – 13 + 5MP(Rear) and 8MP(Front)
Display – 5.99”  Full HD+ Display
Battery – 5000mAh(Non-Removable)
SIM – Dedicated Slot, Dual Sim, and Memory Card holder, Volte, 2-3-4g Support
OS – Android 8.1 Oreo but confirmed to get Android 9.0, NO ETA
Fingerprint and Face Unlock Sensor
Weight – 180g

Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor.

Pros and Cons:

Every device have own pros and cons even the iPhone has lots of bugs. As I have said before that the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 I bought in the very first sale at Rs10,999 for the 3GB Variant. There are total three variants like 3GB, 4GB, and 6GB. Now let me give you my honest review about my experience using this device since the last seven months of Zenfone Max Pro m1. Better, I will go with the points here:


  • Asus promised that device support up to Android Q.
  • For Gamers 🔥 – Due to Snapdragon 636, we can smoothly play Pubg without any lag in the normal mode, yes, I am talking about my 3GB variant only. However, the HD mode is presently not available for this device in any variants.
  • Stock Android comes with only Facebook, FB Messenger and Instagram, however, there is a wallet app, but it can be uninstallable, rest of these apps there are not additional bloatware.
  • Even the 3GB memory is optimized very well performed through regular OTA updates.
  • The stock has a limited feature, but it makes the device smooth while running.
  • Call quality is clean and crisp.
  • I love the UI, and it is better than MIUI
  • Sound – Speaker is quite good, it also comes with the Amplifier which gives a loud and higher sound. Some users complaint about low sound on earphone and headphone but I never faced such problem. I am using a Philips SHL5000 headphone and Boat 225 earphone which gives loud and bass sound.
  • Battery – Charging time is around below 3 hours; there is slightly over-night draining like 2-5% which is quite normal. While playing a pubg, it consuming a battery around 13-15% per hour which is fine for such heavy game. Overall an average battery backup is around 7-10 hours, and it also depends on the apps and dual volte sim.

asus max pro m1 battery battery asus zenfone max pro m1

  • Updates – We are getting the regular OTA updates every month so far with additional features like Security Patches, Live Wallpaper and EIS.
  • Camera – To be honest, the front camera is not performing well, it is not like what Redmi Note 5 Pro has it, but the Rear cam is quite impressive. Regarding the video shooting, we can record up to 4k resolution but the 4k looks like the 1080p, it is not actually the 4k, and I don’t recommend for it. For an Alternative camera, I prefer Google Camera to be installed without rooting the device.
  • Heating – There is no heating while using it, however, the slightly heating you will face while playing the games and charging the device which is normal for the electronics items.
  • Sensors 🔥- Face Unlock and Fingerprint sensor is now superb and unlocked the devices faster than before. You won’t get disappointed with the sensors.
  • ZenMotion – Double to wake and lock the screen, shortcut gestures to open apps.
  • Additional 🔥 – There are now lots of customs roms and kernels available to customize the device, but it voids the device warranty.


  • There is NO slow motion as all users are expecting but the truth is Asus zenfone max pro m1 hardware is not supported it.
  • Worst front camera in daylight and you can’t imagine how it is in the night mode.
  • Every OTA updates, they give something the new features and new bugs.
  • No Gorilla glass, the big mistake was made by the Asus, so many users broke their display screen because of no gorilla glass protection. For temporary solution go for the 5D tempered glass, and Autofocus back cover to give protection to your device.
  • Some bloatware like Facebook, FB Messenger and Instagram unable to uninstall it, only you can disable it but won’t give you the free space in the rom.
  • No ambient display
  • No earphones or back cover or tempered glass comes with the device.
  • In some OTA updates, we get good battery backup while in some it looks like the 3000mah battery, I don’t understand what they are experimenting with the battery backup.
  • No themes and minimal customization

What Alternatives we have?

Some of the features are still not present, or we are not satisfied with them so we have some alternative which is performing decent and everyone is impressed.

  • Google Camera 🔥 – The only the king of all camera. The first ever video in YouTube I published on my channel “Explore Gizmo” which I show in straightforward steps, how to install google camera without rooting the device or void any warranty. The most famous video till now. When you compare the Google Camera(GCAM) with the stock camera, you will see a huge difference.


  • YEAH, Themes! 🔥 – Unfortunately, in the present condition, we don’t have any themes to install in our device by Asus, but we have a solution here. You need to buy only Andromeda app(Rs130) from play store and install the free substratum app and use hundreds of different themes(free and paid).

  • Root/Unroot🔥 – Peoples get scared about voiding the warranty, but when we unroot the device, the warranty will remain intact.
  • Custom Roms🔥 – I have tested so many customs roms whether they are Oreo or Pie based roms. I mostly prefer to go to the Oreo-based roms like Aex or Lineage OS because the Pie roms provide fake battery stats and limited features.
  • Battery Optimization 🔥- Alternatively, you can use Greenify app to keep shutting down the background apps which is automatically running or consuming data and battery.

Pro Tips:

  1. Battery – Always do battery calibration once you receive the new update or installing a new kernel. To do so, charge your device fully 100% without interrupting it, once charged, use it to 0% until it powers off by itself, this will improve the battery life. Never charge your phone up to 100% always, this will damage the battery, always disconnect your charger from 90-95% and connect it again between 10-15% remaining, don’t charge it while in the middle of the battery like 30-40-50%, etc
  2. Wipe Cache Partition – Whenever you get the new update or found any system error, always do the wipe cache partition. To do so, Power of the device, press and hold vol down + power together until the Asus logo appears then release the buttons. Select Wipe cache partition through vol up and down keys and select it through power button, once it is done, reboot the device. You will notice some changes.
  3. While installing any themes, make sure to use any third-party launcher like the Ruthless launcher and install the themes over it instead installing to the default stock launcher which is “Launcher3”, this will be applied to the substratum theme, don’t do any mistake here otherwise you have to reset the device, do it carefully.
  4. Whatever other says, always use 5D Tempered glass and back cover to protect the device.

Final Decision:

So, do I recommend Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 device, the answer is YES, because, first I like the Asus service center support, in this price range you won’t get the 5000mah battery with 635 processor with stock android, forget about modified android os. If you want the optimization you should go for the zenfone max pro m1 and later in Jan 2019, we are getting the Android Pie, what else and next year Android Q, what else we want more?

Ask me any questions related to this device, I will be more happy to provide you the resolve your query.

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