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It is a normal behavior of some buyers question in a community on how to import cheap products from China to India by Banggood India?

Are you buying from Banggood in India?

Do you want to know the Banggood Review in India?

How to avoid Banggood India custom duty?

Is it safe to buy from Banggood from India?

Moreover, many questions arising in your mind, don’t worry I will clear all your points here on this topic, so keep reading, and I will share some tips while purchasing from online shipping. If I missed something in points, you could ask me for comments, and I will reply to your questions.

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About Banggood?


Banggood India


Banggood was founded in 2006, and it is one of the giant international e-commerce websites. Banggood has offices and warehouses in two countries located in Hong Kong and Cyprus

Review of Banggood India

Here is my video uploaded on YouTube about first time bought from Bang good and how was my experience.


Check out my YouTube channel for more information.

Is Banggood Safe?

This question is mainly arise by the shopper’s mind who want to import products from China from, and this is normal because I also asked myself about the same. After reviewing the feedback on many websites I finally decided to buy from Banggood, and I am 100% sure about, and I CAN say it is safe to buy from Banggood from India and other countries.

I had bought two items and both the items went to my destination on or before the delivery time. There is no tricks or something to get details from your credit cards and do some fraudulent activities by those trusted sites.

Banggood Shipping Time to India




Now you should read this point carefully. Most of the buyers always the first eye on the shipping method “Free Shipping” whether it is $1 or $100 item price, but they always forget to ask himself whether I get the product on time?

So, I avoid Free Shipping or Standard Shipping for low items cost which is importing from these websites, and I do not choose these shipping methods from the range of $1-$70 (Rs65 – Rs4000), better is to use another Banggood shipping method which is Banggood India Direct Mail By Gati Express.




Banggood has a tie-up with the Gati to provide more fast shipping services in India, this is plus point for the Indian buyers. Instead of Standard shipping, select India Direct Mail option, the shipping cost is also very less compared to the other paid shipping methods like Aramex and EMS. The delivery time to India by India Direct Mail (Gati) is min 7 to max 18 days. I always got the products in 10-11 after the item was shipped from Bang good warehouse.

You also get the Banggood India direct mail shipping tracking number once the item was shipped from the warehouse.

You can track your items from these websites: (replace xxx with your tracking number, use this link once the item reached in India)

Free Shipping vs. Paid Shipping

As I mentioned above point, I do not choose a Free shipping method for low valued items. Free shipping is mostly known as Standard Shipping. Let me tell you my experience why I hate free shipping or standard shipping method, and I bought two items from Aliexpress, this was my first experience when I bought any from a Chinese website.

The cost of these two items is $1-2, and I selected Free Shipping, I got the tracking number from the two separate buyers, some few days I am getting an update on my tracking number but once it dispatched from China warehouse, it stopped getting updates, and after waiting 60 days I confirmed the item was lost during transit, I contacted my local post office, but there was no parcel. 

However, I got the refund from those sellers, that is why after that I stopped choosing a free shipping method, and this is why I recommend going paid shipping method to get products on hand.

While with paid shipping, you have to pay less amount in Banggood India direct mail option, pay less, assured to get the item on time. Sometimes, above Rs4000 valued items you get free shipping on India direct mail or Aramax, grab one of those.

Payment Method

I always recommend using Paypal because first Paypal is secure and accept both credit card and debit card if there is something goes wrong with the online shopping you can raise a dispute. I always use Paypal for purchasing on Banggood, and it is a one-click checkout method. Banggood is also accepting credit or debit card so you can use the credit card to buy items. Read my pro tips on Tips point.

They do not accept Cash on Delivery (COD) for Indian Buyers. They provide COD on two countries Saudi Arabia and UAE.

India Customs Duty Charges




Please note, below Rs2,000 valued items there is NO duty will be charged by the customs in India. 

However above Rs2,000 there is no guarantee they will charge or not, because I read the buyer feedback, they have written on somewhere, they had bought mobile phone worth Rs10,000 from Banggood but customs doesn’t charge him a single penny but the same I read on another website, they purchased the Rs3,000 valued item, and they charged him 20-30% duty.

Most of the times they buyers got charged from EMS shipping method. However another problem is 99% sure you get charge through private shipping like Gati or Aramex, so it is win-win type game or hit n miss type game. Read my pro tips on Tips points to avoid or reimbursement customs charges.

My Pro Tips For You

Assured Shipping: –

Banggood shipping to India

Whenever you buy items from Banggood, keep in mind you should always select Shipping Insurance option, not only this option will save your product from damage during transit but in case the problem was lost, Banggood will resend the product to your address by their expenses.


 Virtual Credit Card(VCC)

Whenever you buy from the online shopping especially outside India, always try to use Virtual Credit Card (VCC), this will save fraudulent activity on your card plus it also saves from hackers. To get VCC, you must have a Credit Card, and credit card provider must have an option to use VCC. For example – In HDFC, they have a VCC option called NetSafe. Similarly, other banks have their own VCC name.

Banggood virtual credit card

Suppose, if you want to buy an item of Rs3000, you go to your VCC website, top-up the amount of Rs3,000 from your primary credit card to the VCC and then use it, it is similar to a credit card, in case you don’t have a VCC option then try something alternative like Entropay or Payoneer


Avoid Customs Charges: 

As I already written above that only customs duty have to pay on above Rs2000 valued items but to avoid customs charges up to Rs10,000 valued item then do these steps mentioned below:

banggood India customs

A.) First tick this option “Remove Banggood logo from the package.”

B.) Click on “Process to checkout” button, then tick on “Add Shipping Insurance to your order” then place your order

C.) Once the order is placed, immediately send the email to Banggood customer care or Live Chat that you have placed the order number and wanted to mention the item as a gift in front of the packaging. To be noted, customs will avoid up to Rs10,000 valued gifted items.

As Banggood stated, they will pay the taxes if the customs held the product and charged you the taxes, only you have to do, pay the amount to customs and then send the receipt to Banggood, in one business working days, they will send the amount to your preferred bank account or credit card or something else


banggood tariff insurance


However, this is the separate option called “Tariff Insurance,” if you find this option on shopping cart then you should select that, if not then use Shipping Insurance to save something from customs duties, however, as I stated this is HIT & MISS game.

Finally, this is what I have written my experience on Banggood. I will try some other online shopping sites like GearBest, TomTop, and some similar sites. How is your experience with Banggood, please write your comment below. If you like this post, kindly make sure to share this post.

Is Banggood Safe For You?
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