Banggood India 2021: Banggood Review, Avoid Customs Duty

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It is a normal behavior of some buyers question in a community on how to import cheap products from China to India by Banggood India in 2021?

Are you buying from Banggood in India?

Do you want to know about the Banggood Review in India?

How to avoid Banggood India custom duty?

Is it safe to buy from Banggood from India?

Moreover, many questions arising in your mind. Don’t worry, I will clear all your points here on this topic, so keep reading, and I will share some tips while purchasing from online shipping. If I missed something in points, you could ask me for comments, and I will reply to your questions.

Before you start reading this post, make sure to check my last post-Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

About Banggood?

Banggood India

Banggood was founded in 2006, and it is one of the giant international e-commerce websites. Banggood has offices and warehouses in two countries located in Hong Kong and Cyprus.

Review of Banggood India

My video was uploaded on YouTube about the first time I bought from Bang good and my experience.

Check out my YouTube channel for more information.

Is Banggood India Safe?

This question mainly arises from the shopper’s mind who wants to import products from China from, which is normal because I also asked myself about the same. After reviewing the feedback on many websites, I finally decided to buy from Banggood, and I am 100% sure about, and I CAN say it is safe to buy from Banggood from India and other countries.

I had bought two items and both the items went to my destination on or before the delivery time. There are no tricks or something to get details from your credit cards and do some fraudulent activities by those trusted sites.

Banggood Shipping Time to India


Now you should read this point carefully. Most of the buyers always the first eye on the shipping method “Free Shipping,” whether it is $1 or $100 item price, but they always forget to ask themselves whether I get the product on time?

So, I avoid Free Shipping or Standard Shipping for low items cost which is importing from these websites, and I do not choose these shipping methods from the range of $1-$70 (Rs65 – Rs4000), better is to use another Banggood shipping method which is Banggood India Direct Mail By Gati Express.


Banggood has a tie-up with the Gati to provide more fast shipping services in India. This is the plus point for the Indian buyers. Instead of Standard shipping, select the India Direct Mail option. The shipping cost is also very less than the other paid shipping methods like Aramex and EMS. India’s delivery time by India Direct Mail (Gati) is min 7 to max 18 days. I always got the products in 10-11 after the item was shipped from Bang good warehouse.

You also get the Banggood India direct mail shipping tracking number once the item was shipped from the warehouse.

You can track your items from these websites: (replace xxx with your tracking number, use this link once the item reached India)

Free Shipping vs. Paid Shipping

As I mentioned above point, I do not choose a Free shipping method for low-valued items. Free shipping is mostly known as Standard Shipping. My experience is why I hate free shipping or standard shipping method, and I bought two items from Aliexpress. This was my first experience when I bought any from a Chinese website.

The cost of these two items is $1-2. I selected Free Shipping. I got the tracking number from the two separate buyers, a few days I am getting an update on my tracking number, but once it was dispatched from the China warehouse, it stopped getting updates. After waiting 60 days, I confirmed the item was lost during transit, I contacted my local post office, but there was no parcel. 

However, I got a refund from those sellers, so I stopped choosing a free shipping method, which is why I recommend going paid shipping method to get products on hand.

While with paid shipping, you have to pay less amount in Banggood India direct mail option, pay less, assured to get the item on time. Sometimes, above Rs4000 valued items you get free shipping on India direct mail or Aramax, grab one of those.

Payment Method

I always recommend using Paypal because Paypal is secure and accepts both credit card and debit card. If there is something that goes wrong with online shopping, you can raise a dispute. I always use Paypal for purchasing on, and it is a one-click checkout method. Banggood is also accepting credit or debit cards, so you can use the credit card to buy items. Read my pro tips on Tips point.

They do not accept Cash on Delivery (COD) for Indian Buyers. They provide COD in two countries Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

India Customs Duty Charges


Please note, below Rs2,000 valued items, NO duty will be charged by India’s customs. 

However, above Rs2,000, there is no guarantee they will charge or not because I read the buyer feedback, they have written on somewhere, they had bought mobile phone worth Rs10,000 from, but customs doesn’t charge him a single penny. The same I read on another website, they purchased the Rs3,000 valued item, and they charged him 20-30% duty.

Most of the time, the buyers got charged from the EMS shipping method. However, 99% sure you get charge through private shipping like Gati or Aramex, so it is a win-win type game or hit n miss type game. Read my pro tips on Tip points to avoid or reimburse customs charges.

My Pro Tips For You

Assured Shipping: –

Banggood shipping to India

Whenever you buy items from Banggood, keep in mind you should always select the Shipping Insurance option. This option will save your product from damage during transit, but Banggood would resend the product to your address at their expense if the problem were lost.

 Virtual Credit Card(VCC)

Whenever you buy from online shopping, especially outside India, always use Virtual Credit Card (VCC). This will save fraudulent activity on your card and saves it from hackers. To get VCC, you must have a Credit Card, and the credit card provider must have an option to use VCC. For example – In HDFC, they have a VCC option called NetSafe. Similarly, other banks have their own VCC name.

Banggood virtual credit card

Suppose, if you want to buy an item of Rs3000, you go to your VCC website, top-up the amount of Rs3,000 from your primary credit card to the VCC, and then use it. It is similar to a credit card. In case you don’t have a VCC option, then try something alternative like Entropay or Payoneer.

Avoid Customs Charges: 

As I have already written above that only customs duty have to pay on above Rs2000 valued items but to avoid customs charges up to Rs10,000 valued item then do these steps mentioned below:

banggood India customs

A.) First, tick this option “Remove Banggood logo from the package.”

B.) Click on the “Process to checkout” button, then tick on “Add Shipping Insurance to your order,” then place your order

C.) Once the order is placed, immediately send the email to Banggood customer care or Live Chat that you have placed the order number and wanted to mention the item as a gift in front of the packaging. To be noted, customs will avoid up to Rs10,000 valued gifted items.

As Banggood stated, they will pay the taxes if the customs held the product and charged you the taxes. Only you have to do, pay the amount to customs and then send the receipt to Banggood. They will send the amount to your preferred bank account or credit card or something else in one business working day.

banggood tariff insurance

However, this is the separate option called “Tariff Insurance,” if you find this option on the shopping cart, you should select that. If not, then use Shipping Insurance to save something from customs duties. However, as I stated, this is a HIT & MISS game.

Finally, this is what I have written about my experience with Banggood. I will try some other online shopping sites like GearBest, TomTop, and some similar sites. How is your experience with Banggood? Please write your comment below. If you like this post, kindly make sure to share this post.

81 thoughts on “Banggood India 2021: Banggood Review, Avoid Customs Duty”

  1. Hi,

    I newly booked a smart watch from Banggood.. Afetr sewing your videos I purchased a smart Watch worth $105 which includes shipping and tariff insurance… I had few clarification plz help on the below points..
    1)How many days does it take to reach Bangalore.
    2)I told them to remove the logo and they confirmed they have removed it.
    3) I have taken both Tariff and Shipping Insurance.Will I get 100% refund for my product value which is $99.99 and after shipping it $105 if customs catch of the item..
    4) Should I pay to the post office as I stay in Bangalore..

    Plz confirm.. U can also reach me at 9538338338.. plz help

    • Hi,
      Let me answer your question:
      1. It takes more 30 days to reach on Bangalore
      2. Yes, they always removed the logo.
      3. Yes, you should get 100%, make sure to take the receipt from customs, so you can show this to Banggood.
      4. Customs will contact you and then you need to pay them to their account or directly in the post office.

      You can comment on my YouTube Channel, I am very responsive over there –

    • Nice Blog…I am planning to order smart watch and will follow above tips. I hope Item will reach safely within stipulated time frame and I will not have to pay any custom as I am using this watch for my person use only.

  2. I would like to buy thor 4 smart watch as a gift for my son, should I buy it from bangood, bangood is pricing it very high say RS 11500. We’re I can I get it for lesser price or should I wait .. + I wanted to which delivery method I should use to get it in Delhi.

    • If you are getting the item on India better to buy from here even the price is slightly higher than Banggood or similar sites because you also have to pay customs duty but if you have decided to buy from the Banggood then go with the Air Parcel Register shipping method and select both the option “Transit Insurance and Shipping Insurance”. Transit insurance will reimburse 50% of the customs duty by sending the receipt to the Banggood.

  3. Hi,
    I ordered a Phone from Banggood site, on july 19th.
    Item has been shipped and is held at mumbai customs from 27th of july and till now there is no update.
    I came across you blog now, i shuld have earlier…
    anyways i want to know what will happen to my product.
    will i even get it ….?
    can i go to customs mumbai with all documents like invoice, Aadhar card etc and take from them

    • Which courier service you have used, if it is Air Parcel, then you should go to the customs office with the invoice.

      • Indiapost.
        By air.
        I went to customs with invoice but i was not given pass because i didnt belong to any company….
        Is there any way?
        Will i get it if i wait ?

        • In this case, you have to wait, they will contact you on your mobile number or you could contact the customs through phone and tell them the consignment is kept by customs which urgently required to release.

  4. Which payment method is safer – PayPal or credit card?, Is there any risk if I pay using PayPal? Your response would be helpful. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep up the good work.

    • Paypal, I have been using Paypal for more than 10 years, there is no fraud risk through Paypal. In case you don’t get the product you can directly open the dispute on PayPal to get the money back only in case Banggood doesn’t solve your problem.

  5. Please reply :-please help me
    Hii i am from india.
    I try to buy product from banggood.
    The price of products is 200rs .
    Should customs charge is apply on products or not.
    And which shipping method should i use.
    Product Link:-

  6. Thank you sir,
    Please reply .
    I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    Which shipping method should i can use.
    1.Air Parcel Register.
    2.India Direct Mail.

      • One of my order with Tracking Number: 673101650061 is at(told to be at) my local airport for a month now. May I know what is happening here? When I am getting them? Are they trustworthy website? I am very much confused after this happened to my order.

  7. Im planning to buy Meizu pro 6 plus. The phone cost about 13500 rupees through India Direct Mail. Should I have to pay customs. If yes how much they will charge? Please I’m in urgent need

  8. I want to buy EZCast A1 from Banggood. It costs about $25 along with shipping. Can I use net banking to purchase that gadget and it is safer than using debit ?

  9. Very informative site. I am from NE India, I didn knew bout the custom charges till i came across this blog as i was about to order electronic items priced above Rs. 12,000/- .
    Tanx for the information.

  10. I ordered it on 20th Aug. Chose Insurance and US International Shipping (Paid). Arrived at Delhi via DHL. Customs on Aug 29th. Since then, no update.

      • Well I got the shipment today. Website still shows that it is at customs. But the box doesnt power on. Tried with few different adapters but no luck. Any suggestions how to ptoceed with banggood now?

  11. i have ordered MI A2 Global version worth of INR 21612/-(including shipping insurance). And it is shipped through EMS Express Mail. Should i pay custom charges? If i didn’t get my product on time r stuck in customs, there is any chance to ask banggood for full refund?

  12. Hello first of all thanks for your review.
    I want to buy teclast f7 laptop from banggood.price is 20341. It’s not available in india. I’m in New Delhi. Can you tell me about total procedure to buy it.. queries related to custom duty, time, extra money.. please reply I really want to buy it..

  13. Bro ,I have orderes mi band 3 and I have enabled shipping insurance with free shipping,is it costs custom duties.If yes then how much it costs??

  14. मैंने एक बैटरी चार्जर खरीदा जो मैंने कल ही प्राप्त किया है लेकिन वह सही से काम नहीं कर रहा है अब मैं उसका क्या करु उसको कहा भेजूं कृपया पता बताये और शिपीग चार्ज लगेगा कि नहीं या फिर दूसरा आयेगा ।

  15. Hello, Is it ok to buy laptops from Banggood?
    I want to get Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop which is around Rs.1,10,000 on, will I be able to get it without issues and Customs Charges? They only have “EMS Express Mail Service” for shipping method will that be an issue?

    Please find the link for the laptop below:

  16. I had ordered an item lepy lp838 priced 1089 with shipping insurance and shipping charge via India direct mail.
    After how many days it will be arriving to Kolkata( West Bengal)?
    I have to pay customs duty for this item or not?

  17. Hey,I have ordered thor 4 from banggood and selected india direct mail as the shipping method.Will I be charged any custom duty as the watch costs around 9300 INR.
    Bye,have a nice day.

  18. Also just want to confirm within how.many days I will get my watch from banggood as I stay in mumbai and have selected India direct mail as shipping method.
    When I am tracking the package it says delivered to original airport (HKG). Now what does that suppose to mean…kindly revert.

  19. Hi,
    I have ordered a 3D printer on Banggood. The tracking shows flight reached destination airport. The order was shipped from Hongkong. The status remains the same until today. Normally to which airport it reaches and how to find out whether it is held by customs. Thanks in advance.

  20. Hi,
    I have ordered an Action Camera ($35 – Rs. 2500 approx) from AliExpress. During delivery the Customs have charged me Rs 2227/- as custom duty (Assesable value – 5222, 10% basic Custom duty charge and 28% IGST).
    Since the customs have incorrectly valued the product and have levied higher charges, I want to raise a dispute with a Customs office. I have all the Original Receipt/Bills from AliExpress and the Vendor also.
    Can you please provide your insights/suggestions about the process and what all should I do to get refunded the extra value charges.

  21. Hi,
    I ordered an Action Camera ($35 – Rs. 2500 approx – Original Price) from AliExpress. During delivery the Customs have charged me Rs 2227/- as custom duty (Assessable value – Rs. 5222/-, 10% basic Custom duty charge and 28% IGST).
    Since the customs have incorrectly valued the product and have levied higher charges (Rs 5222 instead of Rs. 2500), I want to raise a dispute with a Customs office. I have all the Original Receipt/Bills from AliExpress and the Vendor also.
    Can you please provide your insights/suggestions about the process and what all should I do to get a refund of the extra value charges.

  22. I order a folding knife but customer care says its held by customs in chennai. I m a resident of assam and i have no means to contact them and get it cleared because all the numbers i tried are showing invalid. What should i do. And i have 3 products in total worth rs1400. Will i be charged custom charges on delivery of the product?

  23. I had ordered a folding blade. It is with custom department. How do i get it released? All the numbers that i got from internet are invalid. The product is stuck in Chennai and i am a resident of guide me

    • Send the postal to the custom address along with ur tracking number, ordered from which website. They will contact your back, make sure to mention ur phone number.

  24. Hi
    I am from Hyderabad. I ordered a machine for 12,000/- . If it attracts customs duty, how should I pay it. Should I go to customs office or can I pay online ?

    • Either the courier company calls you regarding the customs duty or u need to track the courier if it is held by customs then contact them.

  25. Hi,
    I have read your blog as well as watched your youtube vedio, before ordering product from Banggood
    Thanks for information
    But now my order has been retained by Mumbai customs.
    How can i get my order
    What steps i have to take
    Plz help

  26. I placed an order for Amazfit bip, Air Parcel Register in banggood.

    How many days will it take for arrival?.

    Will customs be charged for Amazfir Bip (64$) watch.

  27. Bro I’m planning to buy an Android Tv Box and it comes around INR 4633.96/-
    When I tried placing the order it gave me multiple payment options and I selected paytm and then came the following
    Order Total

    Order Subtotal – 4633.96
    Shipping fee – 71.69
    Shipping Insurance – 92.68
    India Govt. Tax – 1158.63

    Grand total – 5956.96

    Hence brother could you tell me about the India Govt Tax? Is it the same like custom duty or would my product still attract custom duty?

    Please advise

  28. Hello brother, recently I purchased MI tv box 4 from banggood website in total 5,435.66

    Box price. 4,979.52
    Shipping. 107.54
    Shipping insurance. 99.59
    Traiff insurance. 249.01

    So,Muhje Custom duty pay krni padegi

  29. I have ordered an action cam from bang good which cost 9000 rs. The product has reached in the destination airport and it’s under customs clear process.Its been 10 days now and no updates regarding the order after that. Is there any issue to the order? Customs people won’t give it? Iam in bangalore now.

  30. Brother I bought my drone parts not drone worth rupees 13000 I choose India direct mail but after 5 days of shipping I am not able to track it I tick the shipping insurance options but I didn’t tell them to remove the logo I have question that there is chance that it will stuck in customs?And how can I track my package my package is coming in alljoy courier what should I do?

  31. Hi Chandra,
    Very useful blog.

    I wanted to buy Thor plus smart watch from Bangood and it is priced approx 9200/rs . And only delivery option is India direct mail and EMS.

    1) Which delivery option should I take?
    2) Do I need to pay customs?
    3) How many days will it take to deliver it to bangalor?
    4) Is clearing customs a difficult process?

  32. Hi….
    I ordered a smart watch from banggood using india direct mail shipping method..
    From last 20 days it is under customs stating ” under custom clearence process”

    Is there anything i can do or i should just keep waiting furthur ??

  33. Hey,
    First of all thanks for updating such information in your blogs and videos. I was afraid to buy via banggood but after watching your videos, i have ordered Flydigi Gamepad worth Rs. 1450 today only.
    I have a few questions if you could help me on them.
    1) I have ordered through Air Parcel (charged around ₹110) and selected Shipping Insurace but did not select Tariff Insurance. Can this cause any problem in delivery?
    2) I have ordered the product in Gugaon, Haryana and the app says it will be delivered in 10 days but when i read the above comments, most of the products are stuck in custom and are never delivered.
    I would appreciate your quick response 🙂

  34. The tarriff insurance of banggood is a scam. I had to pay custom duties on a tab I had ordered which was collected by postal dept. I sent them the scanned image of the receipt by mail but they said it was invalid. As most of you are aware this is the method by which duty is collected on air parcels in India. So please stay away from the scam of tarriff insurance or be prepared to get dissapointed.

  35. I ordered android TV box price 2700 tariff insurance show checked and price ₹0.0 is my order under tariff insurance ?

  36. Hi I ordered a h96 Android box and i opted for India Direct Mail. I see the status of the package as
    “Under Customs Clearance Procedure”. What does this mean. The product costed me 2800. Will i need to pay custom charges and how what is the procedure to may. Also will i have a option to cancel the order and get my money back.

    • Have you received the product? How long did it took? I’ve also order same h96 Android TV box for 3013 and now I am blank when will I receive the product, also do I have to pay any custom charges?
      Can you please guide?

  37. There is no warranty. If you able to prove quality of product is not as expected, they will ask you to keep product as token they will credit 60% amount in terms of Bangood points. Tricky thing is you can not use whole bangood point to buy a product, there is upper cap of 15%. So if you are buying a product of Rs100, you can utilize Rs15 from bangood points and Rs85 you need to pay, and so recursive cycle continue in next product as well, as they are also not safe from bad quality.

    You can not write bad review on bangood, Chinese screening process kicks in. Censoring is in their blood. ZERO in Customer service, you need to communicate using email only.

    Please buy any product from online retail that of jurisdiction within your country.

    There are some quality product as well. But I prefer NOW to buy only those where I do not have any other options.

  38. Hi Chandra
    I ordered Android TV box on 19th July 2020, I’ve paid both tariff as well as shipping insurance. Also, I’ve selected India Direct mail. The amount for my order is 3014 INR.
    How long will it take to get delivered to Delhi. Also do I need to pay any custom charges?
    If yes, then what shall be the mode of payment?
    Do I have to go to custom Office and there are some kind of formalities?

  39. I personally feel that Banggood should fully operate from India. They will give a run for other existing E-Commerce player’s who have got a virtual monopoly in doing bust in India. Competition from Banggood will benefit both the consumer and Bangood. The demand for E-Commerce supplied goods is enormous. During Festival sale the E-Commerce business takes in over thirty thousand crores of business. These festivals are usually Summer Clearance Sale, The Diwali Sale, and of course the Winter Sale or Christmas and New Year Sale.
    Right now Bangood is winking in the dark which is least beneficial to both consumer and Bangood. Demand will be enormous for Banggood in India which has a market share almost equal to the whole of Europe. I hope my advice is taken serious note of. When all e-commerce player’s are making excellent profits in numbers why can’t Banggood go for its humble pie initially to begin with. Bangood will definitely out class many such large players and stave off the small but most of the unscrupulous players in the e-commerce segment.

  40. Hi

    i had been thinking of ordered a wireless keyboard from banggood to india via india direct mail . how much customs do they charrge ? the keyboard is worth 5500 and the delivery charges are 400 how much customs do i have to pay?


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