Zakitane ZT22 Review: Best Mobile, DSLR Tripod Below Rs2000

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When we start something new either as a Youtuber or a Photographer we are in the tight budget and the first thing comes always in mind that which is the best tripod we have to buy, either the cheap tripod as a beginner or a tripod for the smartphone which comes in the mid-range for the DSLR support.

When I created the YouTube channel, I am worried about the tripod because I don’t know how to use it and which one is useful and then wasting time on reviewing, asking on forums, QA, etc, you could not shoot the videos by holding in the hand which looks awful. So, I had bought the cheap tripod which cost me at Rs700 from Amazon, I have no idea here what I am buying because I have been never experienced on such studio kit before.


If you want to record something for your Youtube channel then either go for the Gorilla tripod or Tabletop tripod like the one I have been using Zakitane ZT22 Tripod, there is a huge difference between cheap and this ZT22 tripod which I have bought from the in this month.


budget tripod
Pic of Zakitane ZT22 Tripod


Pros and Cons of under 1000 Tripod

  • Comes in the budget for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Low-quality aluminum and plastic body
  • Not DSLR support and only for Mobile but still risky
  • Two-three times fall from the short length, it will be broke easily

Take a look at my cheap tripod pic:


cheap tripod
pic of a broken cheap tripod


These similar types of tripods are available everywhere and I think it is made by one company in China and printed the different companies name. I have to apply Fewikwik to attach the upper body of the tripod, I seriously never recommend to buy such type of tripod better to invest more to get some solid build quality type tripod.

After my cheap low-quality tripod broke, I decided to go for the mid-range which is under Rs2,000, the price in India is higher than the Gearbest price. So, I bought the “Zakitane ZT22 Tripod”, let me tell you about this tripod in more details:


Zakitane ZT22 – Mid-Range Tripod


budget tripod 2000
Front Pic of the Tripod


I bought the tripod in Papaya orange color which looks an eye-catching and a glossy finishing around the legs. It comes along with the carry bag and some user manual instructions written in the English and Japanese languages.


best tripod for dslr
Bottom Pic of the Tripod


I don’t have the DSLR for now but using a Mobile instead to record for my YouTube channel, so, the quick release(QR) plate comes in handy when to use mobile holder mount without removing it. The quick release plate is designed so well that it won’t be broken easily and it releases the plate without much forcing it, everything is smoothly here.


tripod below Rs2000
Pic of Mobile mount holder on the tripod


Vertical Shooting knob is to adjust the camera downward to make the video recording and photoshoot in more flexible like a professional way.

Height Adjustment System can give the height according to your requirement, this is useful especially when you are recording the video.


best tripod for mobile
Height adjustment system


Non-Slip Rubber Mats is seriously one of the best when using DSLR on the tripod, it sticks on the floor to avoid any camera or tripod fall.

Aluminium Alloy, Solid build in quality not like a cheap plastic, for stability on different surfaces with a glossy orange color, extremely wow.

Contraction system is like to tight the height adjustment system, this is the totally different way to use when you compare with the low quality tripod, it is safe for the tripod.


tripod for mobile


Overall, the performance of this tripod which I like the most is the quality and best for mobile and DSLR. because I use the Mobile with the Mount holder, it won’t be detached easily, so the mobile will be secure from falling. It is a table tripod which is different than the normal tripod. We can adjust the height of the legs up to 18.3-inches and weight can carry up to 10kg which is sufficient for the DSLR camera.

Overall, I would say, if you want to go for tripod then think about this one because of its quality and features. You can read my Gearbest review in the post and how to order the item or ask me here in the comment section.

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