Gaming Headphone with Mic under Rs2000 Ovann X7 Professional

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When it comes to the gaming whether PC or Mobile, we need the gaming headphone with the mic to play online multiplayer games. These days the three most online multiplayer games have been playing such as Pubg, Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Most of the gaming headset comes with the Mic and some most of them are Wired or Bluetooth. Multiple companies have headphones under 1000 which looks claimed to be the gaming headphone and having some fancy lights on it but believe here, never buy such cheap gaming headsets because of the quality of the material, bass and sound always perform average and there is no guarantee for how many days it will work.


Gaming headphone under 2000
Gaming headphone


I had been used wireless headphone but the problem is we have to charge the wireless and the total lifespan of the battery is also less when it comes to the overcharging and second, we need the one extra USB port on the desktop or laptop and in mobile it consumes the battery which I prefer wired headset over wireless.

There are so many gaming headphones are available in the market under 1000 and under 2000 that people may get confused which one to choose. We normally see the user feedback on the shopping websites but every user have their own experience for the gaming, so, what I decided to go for another shopping website like to see which one is popular in another country, so, I picked-up the Ovann X7 Professional gaming headset which cost me around Rs1,750 including shipping and no custom duty because it is below Rs2000 which is in radar of the customs.


Ovann X7 Professional Gaming Headset


gaming headphone under 2000
OVANN X7 Professional Gaming Headsets


I have bought this gaming headphone which is including the Mic from the GearBest shopping website. After, so many reviews, finally I bought this gaming headset, so, I have received the item within 12 days. The packaging of this headphone is superb, I mean it is hard cardboard type gaming box which looks awesome. Inside of the box, only the headphone is available.


Gaming Headset
Gaming headset


The inbuilt design quality is strong, I mean the way it is made, it won’t be broken easily. The upper side is very comfortable to use, it won’t make the hair stick or a headache. It is the high elastic headband which can be comfortable for a long time. Ordinary gaming headphone always broke from the headband but due to an elastic headband, it stretches it to avoid any damages.

Gaming Headset


The turbine shape ear cup is really big in size which has a soft cushion on both of the sides which is comfortable for the ear, it won’t pain for long time usage, however, during the summer or if you face sweating then the cushion might be damaged, however, this is normal in all the headphones.


best gaming headphone under 2000


The steel rod connection is around 50mm which adjust the height of the gaming headset. The orange rod is very strong, seems like the pure strong steel rod. In the beginning, maybe you will face some difficulty to adjust the height because of the rod, it is not the plastic style gaming headphone. It is made in strong steel so again it won’t break.


gaming headphone
Steel Rod Connection


High-quality microphone gives the ability to do the live stream without interrupting by the disturbance, no ambient noise completely.

The omnidirectional microphone gives the higher output that collects sound from all the direction with the clear voice due to noise canceling.


gaming headphone with mic
High-quality microphone


The length of the cable is around 2.4m which is quite neither small or large, it is balanced. The cable is rubberized which is the built-in high-quality sturdy cable. Also, have a volume adjuster and mic switch off-on button like a gaming spacecraft style. The two gold-plated 3.5mm audio and mic jack included.


gaming headset for pc
Mic On-Off button and Volume increase/decrease


Regarding the sound, there is no doubt this gaming headphone has a super bass which boom the gaming experience and you can also listen to songs which gives a really bass quality.


headphone with mic



You won’t get the gaming headphone with the mic at this price below Rs2000. The quality and features make the gaming experience life more in a professional way. The bass quality is superb in terms of this headphone. It is very lightweight so it won’t feel pain the ears or head and black/yellow combination is mind-blowing. You should go for it and it is only available on the Gearbest shopping website.

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