GearBest India – Is it Safe and Secure For Indian Buyers?

My first experience, which payment and shipping method?

One of the Chinese company GearBest which I like the most after Banggood and Aliexpress. The GearBest India which you could trust to get the products on time and second it is safe and secure. Just like the Banggood India, I have reviewed it, the same I am going to review gearbest India, how it is best and why we have to buy from them.


GearBest India:

The first ever product which I have bought from Gearbest is USB 3.0 charger, the total cost of this product Including shipping price and insurance was Rs550/- which is lower than any other available in India. Currently, this product has been discontinued but you can buy an alternative from the gearbest.

gearbest india
Orico 4 Port USB 3.0 Charger

Whenever you feel uncomfortable when purchasing from the Chinese website, make sure to buy a lower item like below $10 and process through Paypal to better secure your payment in case there is some tragedy happened, however, this is not going to happen with the Gearbest because of their support and return/refund policy.



What is the Gearbest shipping method for Indian Buyers?

We have a couple of options to select which one you should go for it but let me give you advice to which one you have to select for the secure shipping method. There is a total number of four shipping method – Unregistered, Registered Air Mail, Priority Line, and Expedited Shipping.

Unregistered Air Mail – Never select this method, you won’t get tracking number

Registered Air Mail – Only select this method when you don’t have the Priority line option. You will get the tracking number but the delivery time to India will take around 20-30 days

Priority Line – I always recommend this option because of affordable price, delivery time 10-14 days and delivery by courier service which can be trackable.

Expedited Shipping – Always fast, deliver the item in 3-5 days but expensive that above shipping methods. DHL is the service and highly in the customs radar.


Is there any way to avoid the customs duty?

Unfortunately, there is no option in gearbest to avoid customs duty or reimburse half or full amount of customs charges. No charges, if the amount is below Rs2,000 or asks the gearbest to lower the price through live chat or email an invoice to avoid customs duty once you placed the order


How to place the order?

First, make sure to change the currency to INR, given at the top of the website then you can see the actual price of the product and shipping charges. Select the product which you want to buy.

gearbest india
Gearbest India Shipping Options

Select Priority Line(India Express) ignore the text “Only ship item with battery” for the shipping method. Shipping Guarantee option is optional but I recommend you to buy it, this option, gearbest will resend the item for free in case the item is damage or loss during transit.

If you have any promotional code you could enter it there or you could find one “My account” or search on Google for the same.

For payment method, try to go with the Paypal option or else you could buy through credit card.

That is it. A simple method like any other shopping website. I know you guys a bit scary when buying from another country shopping sites, that is why I recommend you to go with the Paypal if you are too much about your credit card information.

If you want to ask me any question, let me know, I will definitely help you out.

GearBest India
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Do you really the gearbest is good for you, check the pros and cons now.

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  1. Raj says

    Bro i read ur review about the gearbest website, kinda helpful.
    Have doubt regarding that, how do I pay customs for products i ordered via gearbest, do i pay it with gearbest along with bill amount r need to pay separately ,i thought just like amazon ,after making online payments for the bill amount
    i just have to wait for the product to arrive.but u say customs duty their, don’t know . Do i need to pay it separately ,how, how to know the amount i need to pay as customs.
    Plz reply bro.

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