How To Get Bastar City Ticket on Google Go India

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Has Google already extended the date till 26th December 2020, with only 2 or 3 tickets left which are furious all the Google Go India game users? The rarest tickets are Bastar city ticket and Nainital city ticket.

So far, I found the 100% working method by our group members which they have applied on time is the QR method. Previously, they are giving in recharge method but now no longer getting the important tickets.

kolkata event ticket

How to get Kolkata Ticket on Google Go India?

google go india kolkata event

  • Open the Google Pay App 
  • Go to Google Go India Game section
  • Click on the Event which is available soon
    google go kolkata event
  • The rule is simple, share the event get the Kolkata ticket.
  • Share the Kolkata ticket via a link to get an unlimited Kolkata ticket.

Kolkata Event Quiz Answers:

Q1 Mother Teresa Sarani is decorated during X – Mas. How else do we know it?

Answer: Park Street

Q2. Puchka is also known as?

Answer: All of these

Q3. Which of the following is not a Bengali Sweet?

Answer: Shukto

Q4. The 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world (in Kolkata) is known as?

Answer: Eden Gardens

Q5. Your receive a call on the Eve of Christmas stating that you have won an Rs.5 lakh “festive lottery”. You just need to scan a QR Code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You Should :

Answer: Never open GPay or enter UPI to Receive Money

Q6. Since when is the Kolkata Metro Operational?

Answer: 1984

Q7. At the Jorasanko Mansion, which Bengali legends’ home would you see?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

You need to Give 5 Correct Answers after Reaching Kolkata City. Here are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket or KMs using this Quiz.

bastar ticket
Bastar Ticket For Google Go India

What Google wants is the unique QR merchant, if you keep sending to the same person then you only get a “Babaji ka ghanta” ticket or do the transaction on new websites for shopping or bill pay but only on those websites where you haven’t done any transactions so far.

How to get Bastar Ticket on Google Go India?

  • Pay through GPay, do transaction unique websites
  • Note the timing is always between 7 am and 7 PM to 10 PM
  • Do QR scan transaction only and send more than 150rs to the merchant.
  • If you have already done a QR scan on such a merchant, don’t do it again on there, you won’t get the ticket.
  • Pay on Cred App, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Insurance, medicines, Gold, etc., through GPay UPI only on the Payment page.

How to get Kochi City Ticket on Google Go India?

As I have mentioned above about the Bastar ticket, the same you can do with the Kochi City ticket through Flipkart.

Kochi City Ticket

All you need to do is to do shopping on Flipkart of Rs2000 above and pay through Google Pay UPI, you don’t have to worry, after you get the rare like Bastar ticket or Kochi ticket, cancel the order.

Try the same with other shopping sites with some different amounts like 2000, 2100, 2300. Make sure to order those products which are refundable.


For such tickets, peoples are paying and getting scam by others. So, don’t buy from an unknown person. You only get stone in the name of gold.

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