Jio fiber Review 2021 – Is It Better Than Airtel Fiber?

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Are you looking to buy a Jio Fiber broadband connection?

Are you more confused about Jio Fiber speed, performance, support, pros, and cons?

You don’t know which Jio Giga fiber plan is suitable for you?

Jio Fiber Review
Jio Fiber Review

Reliance Jio fiber revolutionized the Broadband Fiber industry in 2019 when they launched the Jio fiber internet officially in India. From 2018 to September 2019, they were running a to collect jio fiber review in a trial based on a few cities to check the user experience and collect feedback.

With the ever-increasing demand for a good internet connection, the search for a reliable broadband service continues. There is nothing more aggravating than a constant connection drop while you are in the middle of some important task. 

Nowadays, half the world works from home, students take online classes, or people stream shows, so having a good connection is the ultimate need.

After dominating the telecom market with its data plans and services in India, Reliance Jio continues its ascend towards success by offering its Jio fiber broadband connection with improved plans.

jio fibre review 2021

While there are endless options in the market, we will focus on Jio Fiber. Read on and find out everything about this broadband service in this Jio Fiber review.

Jio Fiber Review 2021

Here, I am writing my reliance jio fiber review which is my own experience of using since the year 2019 and till this day, what I am facing and what pros and cons of Jio Fiber I experienced all the details as I mentioned in this article.

I am not a big fan of Jio Sim because, in my area, I usually get 3G speed. I switched to Airtel, which gives 20-25 Mbps speed.

jio gigafiber review 2021

Before the Jio Fiber came into my city, I was using Tikona and Airtel Broadband and I am paying at that time Rs500 per month for a 10mbps plan with 80GB of bandwidth because we don’t have any other offer left in my city to select such plans.

In a trial period of the jiofiber which unfortunately I have only got for the last three months, I got a 100mbps plan with unlimited data per month. The connection of Jio internet at that time doesn’t come with the set top box to watch ott and tv channels.

jio fiber set top box

At the time of the jiofiber review trial, I haven’t got the set-top box plan. Hence, I don’t have experience until I finally paid broadband area’s market customers waiting for the jio fiber internet new connection with a set-top box. It seems like Jio Fibre will control the market in the broadband area.

jio gigafiber plan
Old plan of jio Giga fiber

At the time of launch, Jio announced the fiber plan starting from 699rs per month plus GST with a 100mbps plan with no data limit with an OTT subscription.

The drawback here, they launched the plan at a higher price, the same plan is available from the competitors like Airtel and local internet service providers. Even I only used 2 months and decided to stay with Tikona and Airtel.

airtel tikona broadband

After a lot of feedback from the customer voice, Reliance finally revises the jio fiber subscription and the basic plan is starting worth rs of 399rs per month with 30mbps speed and unlimited data(2 TB).

Jio Fiber Broadband Revised Plans:

Monthly PlanUnlimited SpeedTotal(Incl.GST)OTT Subscription
₹ 39930 MBPS₹ 470.82Not Available
₹ 699100 MBPS₹ 824.82Not Available
₹ 999150 MBPS₹ 1,178.82Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar VIP, SonyLIV, ZEE5, AltBalaji, etc
₹ 1,499300 MBPS₹ 1,768.82Netflix Basic, Prime, Disney+, Hotstar VIP, etc
₹ 2,499500 MBPS₹ 2,948.82Netflix Standard, Prime, VIP, Disney+, etc
₹ 3,9991 GBPS₹ 4,718.82Netflix Standard, Prime, VIP, Disney+, etc
₹ 8,4991 GBPS (6600GB Data)₹ 10,028.82Netflix Premium, Prime, VIP, Disney+, etc

I decided to go with a 399rs plan to see the speed and performance, I have to pay around 421rs including 18% GST. It just a basic and acceptable plan at this price range even the airtel v fiber basic plan is starting at rs of 499rs per month with unlimited data to 8,499rs per month plan is available.

The company vows better speeds than most broadband operators at a reasonable price. Moreover, it adds extra features to sweeten the whole package. Jio Fiber broadband also offers different plans to suit internet users of all kinds.

jio fiber prepaid plan 2021

[Check the Plans of Jio Broadband Fiber]

The biggest change in the newly revised jio fiber plan is that all plans currently provide equal speed so the download rate will be equivalent to upload rates. Earlier, Jio Fiber just utilized to supply 10% of the program speed for uploads, the data limit is 3300MB(3.3 TB), these are the unlimited wifi internet plans available.

No matter which package you opt for, you can rest assured of its performance. Here is a breakdown of all of its plans and the speed and data they are offering. The previous plan has some name mentioned below:

  • Bronze Plan: 30Mbps
  • Silver Plan: 100Mbps
  • Gold Plan: 150Mbps
  • Diamond Plan: 300Mbps
  • Diamond+ Plan: 500Mbps
  • Platinum Plan: 1GB
  • Titanium Plan: 1GB
jio fiber router
Jio fiber router

After the revised plan, they removed the plans’ name by simply adding the Jio Fiber 399. The data limit is up to 6TB comes under fair usage policy.

jiofiber plan 2021
jiofiber plan 2021

All the plans come with free unlimited voice calling, and they give you the landline connection, which can be used through fiber. The only problem I don’t like is you always have to switch ON your jio fiber router to use the voice calling, and they won’t provide a landline phone.

Jio GigaFiber Connection and Speed

Reliance company promises a solid connection with its Jio Fiber service and internet speed that makes users happy in everything from uploading things to gaming for long periods.

I ran the test on both Laptop and Desktop, I am using Macbook Air so it doesn’t have only connect through WIFI. You see the internet speed of the fiber connection in Wifi, the screenshot attached below:

jio fiber speed test
Maximum jio Wifi 100 Mbps plan speed

Internet Speed totally depends on the latency, the lower latency means high speed, there will be a slight speed delay on wifi and LAN, when you check the internet speed on a computer or laptop you may get the internet speeds in full throttle while in Wifi it may get fluctuating depends on where the Jio Fiber router is placed on your home and how far you are.

jio fiber speed test
jio Wifi 100 Mbps plan speed

Everyone has their jio fibre reviews and ratings published on forums, blogs, social networking sites, and Youtube. Mine is acceptable for the speed and performance, a happy customer so far but can’t say for the future when the jio fiber connection started increasing.

I’m a normal internet user but required good speed to download and upload files. I downgraded my plan to 399 for 30 Mbps, which is sufficient, but if you need a 100 Mbps plan, then 699rs is enough without the required OTT apps subscription.

Jio Fibernet OTT Subscription:

What I like about Reliance jio fibre when youJio Fiber’s performance; connection they are giving away a 30 days trial of a 150mbps plan worth rs 999 plus GST.   The trial version has two options: 1 and 2.

1st option in Trial the one-time refundable amount which you have to pay is Rs2500 and in this trial, they are providing you the Wifi modem and 4K set-top box, unlimited data, and OTT apps subscription, like Disney+, SonyLIV, Zee5, Alt Balaji, VOOT, EROS, Discovery and etc.

jio fiber trial

2nd option the refundable amount is Rs1500, and except for OTT apps and 4K box, the rest are all the same including unlimited free Voice calling anywhere within India

An amazing aspect of Jio Fibre is that it offers different OTT apps subscriptions with its plans like Prime Video, Netflix, SonyLiv, Disney+ Hotstar, JioCinema, ZEE5, VOOT & VOOT Kids, etc. You can enjoy all your favorite shows without any lagging in a clear display and quick buffering.

Where is the Amazon Prime & Netflix OTT subscription?

Now you are wondering where amazon prime and Netflix on jio fiber OTT apps in the trial. Unfortunately, there is no amazon prime and Netflix free OTT apps subscription available in the trial. When your 30 days trial over you can buy the plan then you will get the Prime and Netflix OTT subscription.

jio fiber free netflix amazon prime

A trial plan is basically a good idea to check the performance of the Jio Fiber, if we compare it to other competitors like Airtel, BSNL, they are not providing such low price plan and trial.

jio fiber netflix
jio fiber Netflix and Amazon Prime

Netflix OTT apps Basic Subscription is available from the 1499rs plan including Amazon prime, then in the next plan 2,499 have Netflix Standard, then in a higher plan of Rs8,499 have Netflix Premium.  The Basic plan of OTT apps subscription is starting from worth Rs 999/-.

Jio Fiber vs Airtel xStream Fiber:

When writing this post, In my area still, Airtel Fiber yet to launch, I can’t give you enough comparison between Airtel. Still, as an Airtel Broadband user for the last 16 years, my experience is always good with Airtel in terms of speed, performance, and support.

Check the comparison table between Airtel fiber vs Jio fiber plan.


As I mentioned in the table, Airtel XStream fiber plans are starting from Rs499 for up to 40mbps plan with unlimited data.

Jio Fiber Pros and Cons:

The most awaiting section of Jio Fiber Reviews 😉


  1. 30 days trial for 150mbps plan with unlimited data and 4k set-top box
  2. Free voice calling and a new landline connection
  3. Constant speed for download and upload
  4. Cheapest plan of Rs399 for 30mbps and unlimited data
  5. OTT subscription with Netflix and Amazon Prime
  6. Over 650 Live TV channels on JioTV
  7. No buffering while watching on Youtube in 1080p and no issue while streaming games.
  8. The router can connect up to 22 devices.
  9. Not face any major outages in two years.
  10. The range of the Jio Wifi router is acceptable.


  1. Poor customer support, it takes 15-20 minutes to get connected on support, sometimes the support is also not available.
  2. Netflix is only available in the 1499rs plan, which is way higher for a per-month base.
  3. I am confused whether I should write here or in the pros section, but Jio blocked all the top adult sites.;)
  4. The wifi range is really poor or acceptable depending on how far the router is placed.

Conclusion – Is Jio Fibre Worth Buying?

In the post of Jio fiber review, the answer is an absolute yes. You will be hard-pressed to find a broadband service offering premium features at such reasonable prices and flexibility. Moreover, the advantage of no hidden or monthly charges is another bonus. Therefore, if you want a reliable internet connection and side benefits, Jio Fiber is a good option

Jio Fiber Questions and Answers:

Is Jio Giga Fiber available in my area?

Here is the list of some major cities where the Jio Fiber is available – Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Vizag, Agra, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Haryana, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, Kolkata, Mangalore, Chandigarh, Pune, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam, Ghaziabad,  Ahmedabad, Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Nashik, Mohali, Noida, Kerala, Guwahati, Kochi, Chennai and more.

Is Jio WIFI Unlimited?

Yes, all the plans are unlimited, and the data limit cap is up to 3TB.

Is Netflix free with Jio Fiber?

Only 1499rs and above plans are eligible for Netflix Basic, standard, and premium.

Which Jio Fiber plan is best?

For normal internet usage, up to 699rs plan is sufficient for 30 and a 100 Mbps speed with unlimited data. For web series, TV channels, news, cartoons, the OTT plan is above 999rs is the starting range that gives Amazon prime, Hotstar VIP, Disney+, Zee5, etc.

Is Jio Fiber a flop?

As per my experience, no, it is not a flop. I am getting the full speed and best performance by the best internet provider in India. A couple of my friends living in other cities have also told me that the Jio Wifi speed is constant and never dropped the connection. Saying it is a flop, it can’t be digested.

What do we get with Jio Giga Fiber?

You have to pay a one-time refundable security deposit worth rs 1500 or 2500 depending on the option you select at the time of registration, then a set-top box with remote, Jio router, and a landline connection.

Is Jio set top box free?

Yes, the set top box is free of cost and the new jio broadband connection if you choose with OTT apps subscription only.

What is the Best fiber speed for home use?

The one I am using without OTT apps is 30 Mbps, but a 100 Mbps plan worth 699 is sufficient for home use. Anything beyond the plan is for watching OTT apps.

Jio fiber Review 2021 - Is It Better Than Airtel Fiber?

I am writing the Jio Fiber Review 2021 in this article of my two years of experience in Jio GigaFiber Broadband, check pros and cons, depth review.

Product Brand: Jio

Product Currency: Rs

Product Price: 399

Product In-Stock: InStock

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19 thoughts on “Jio fiber Review 2021 – Is It Better Than Airtel Fiber?”

  1. Customer support is very worst, that employees doesn’t know how to behave with customers..For installation they told within 48 hours 1 week over no one has come ..I never seen this type of low class service and ..if we call customer care pls wait will update i never received call from customer care or service engineers…That manager phone number is always busy busy ans he never calls back..

    • I took 6 months plan with a promise 6 months free internet will be provided with same plan. When I recieved invoice there was no such mention. I understood their cheap tactics and raised SR to cancel my connection. After taking money , guy didnt pick my call. I never experienced this with my current broadband provider. So luckily i saved myself from this worst service but hoping they return my full money back to be sure its not a pure scam from Reliance Jio but just careless and arrogant staff.

      • Reliance Jio cheating people by their false promises. This is one of the poor and worst network.
        I returned my device almost a month back but till I didn’t receive my mo ey back. Even customer care people also not responding.
        I think this is also scam by jio.
        Don’t go with Reliance and jio.
        This organization is harmful to customers as well as country.
        I am moving g to VI.

  2. Jio fiberr has a worst service ! Guys I am using it from a long , the internet is okay but the service is worst ! Take my suggestion please don’t go for jio fiber ! I have a problem in my jio fiber and I have complained around 23 times and its around 9 days still not fixed ! Jio deserve zero rating. If you don’t agree please use it once you will get know ! Thanks me later. #jiofiberisworst

    • You are 100% right. I agree with you. But Now a days internet speed also not giving atleast justify plan is 300 mbps and getting 97 mbps. After complaining speed increase from 43 to 97 .

      AIRTEL is best in speed .I was used and now go back with Airtel.

  3. Jio fiberr has a worst service ! Guys I am using it from a long , the internet is okay but the service is worst ! Take my suggestion please don’t go for jio fiber !Really very very very very bad sevice I have a problem in my jio fiber and I have complained around 23 times and its around 9 days still not fixed ! Jio deserve zero rating. If you don’t agree please use it once you will get know !

  4. Pathetic customer service
    Tried to relocate my wifi. instead of helping wverybody was trying to sell me a 3 month plan and delayed my shifting for more then 10 days . the engineers said call customer service and customer service (bein rude) said that they can’t do anything, enginners will do.these peole kept on registering complaints every 24 hours without any resolution. the only option left is leave your security money and usw any other wifi. NEVER EVER CAME ACROSS SUCH USELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  5. I am from Indore(M.P.). This is regarding their refund policy and support. I requested on their website for connection.Same evening, I received call and their executive collected Rs. 1500/- and promised for next day installation, which was not done.It took 4 days.After that, I used for around 20 days and since, I had to shift to another location.I requested them for the same. But since their connection was not available in the area, I requested for disconnection, which they proceeded within 24 hour and my internet services were shut off. Before completion of 1 month, they also collected my router and I was told, I will get the refund after 15 working days. After 15 days, I had too ask them many times for refund and after about 2 months, they transferred only 500Rs. When asked for Rs. 1000, they did not reply me.So beware of this refund thing.

    Extremely bad experience after a Jio executive sold a fibre connection to me promising installation after two hours. Three days later, no connection. Received message that my Order Number NO0000IXQ9PY had a schedule for installation at 09-10-2021 : 09:15:00. No one turned up. No installation. Extremely unprofessional. Poor service.
    Guys, keep this experience in mind when you think of Jio Fibre.

  7. Jio fiber service is very worst and I have been waiting for the installation for more than 10 days and Jio guys not picking the calls also.

  8. BEWARE OF JIO FIBER UNETHICAL/FRAUDULENT PRACTICES ! Your account is being accessed by Jio employees from the backend, vouchers being created & taken by them without customer knowledge. Jio Fiber is also found not honoring their commitments given – such as on free referral vouchers, they are found to be changing terms & conditions at their own whims without informing customers (this has also been confirmed by their own employees / support !) . Unethical / fraudulent practices being followed at Jio Fiber, & and Jio support & Jio Appellate are not providing any response / resolution regarding these unethical / fraudulent practices despite having been caught with evidence !

  9. Jio broadband indore local ki cover nahi kar pa rahi or company chalayege ye jab 30 km hi cover nahi ho pa Raha to esi company kis kaam hi 6 8 month se company ka banda bol raha he sir 2 month me line apke yaha aa jayegi or halaki mere ghar se 1 km me line he but unko 1km tak line lane me 10 saal lagege Syd or esa bhi. Nahi he poor area he it’s verry good and clean location treasure township se age shivalay but pata nahi kyu nahi aai ho sakta he company ke pass paise khatam ho gaye ho mujhe koi mtlb nahi he jio se mene airtel ko join Kia he or unka response bhot acha he or unki line sab jagah available he or nahi bhi hoti he to try best krte he daal ne ki jio jese kaam nahi he bss mujhe review dalna tha ki sabko pata chale ki company doob rahi he jio

  10. I’m disappointed with Jio fiber services. They promised 14 ott chanels along with my internet services. Router is poor. Many channels doesn’t work or open. Another word it’s not available. Calling for help in customer service. Hardly we find someone to speak with. Even l got some one to talk to, that guy is not able to help. Promised to solve problem within next day, it didn’t happen. Two weeks passed. Made annual agreement. After it finishes try Airtel or something else.
    In any case this is not the best as they claimed


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