Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band HRX Comparison Review

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“Health is wealth” and to be healthy we have to do the daily walking, running and exercise. To track all these records you have to use the fitness band like Xiaomi Mi Band which provides the accurate steps counter, heart rate sensor, waterproof, calories burned, etc. I have been using all Xiaomi fitness band like Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3 and Mi Band HRX special Edition but not all together lol.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Band 2 in 2016 and Mi Band HRX edition in 2017 while Mi Band 3 is released in 2018. Mi Band HRX edition is the special edition by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan brand HRX.

Let me start the comparison here:

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band HRX Edition

Before, I start let me tell you that Mi Band 2 and Mi Band HRX special edition have only one changed, Mi Band 2 have Heart Rate sensor while HRX edition doesn’t have, rest of the features are same, so, I will go ahead and start the comparison between the Mi band 3 and Mi band 2 instead.


Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2



mi band 2 vs mi band 3
Display of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3


Large OLED Screen 0.78 inch touchscreen which you can see the text on the sunlight due to high brightness, however, there is no brightness controller so far, maybe Xiaomi will add this option through firmware update while in Mi Band 2 comes with same OLED screen 0.42 inches, the brightness is low and it is hard to see the text on sunlight.




mi band 3 battery
Battery stats of Mi Band 2 and Mi band 3

Both the band comes with the backup of up to 20 days with the Li-Polymer battery. In Mi Band 3, If you turned ON your Bluetooth connectivity and used it all the time, this will consume the battery and you will get only less than 10 days in one full charge, the same when you continuously use heart rate sensor, better to turned it off through Mi-Fit app if you don’t want to use it anymore.

The same rule applied with the Mi Band 2. However, I noticed with Mi band 2 without using Bluetooth the normal usage last long was more than 25 days, sometimes I got 30 days battery backup.


Heart Rate Sensor and Steps Count


mi band 3 steps count
Different accuracy of both of the Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3

Here, Mi Band 3 is the winner in both the heart rate sensor and steps count, let me tell you the reason. As I tested both the band, Xiaomi improved the algorithm of steps count in Mi Band 3, which we don’t have to move our hands and it counts the steps accurately while in Mi band 2, we have to keep moving our hands while walking to track the record of steps. I can’t say the accuracy of Mi band 3 is 100% correct, but 95% accuracy is not bad at all. Some users complained both band sometimes shows the inaccurate steps count during in car or bus, that is why I have said 95% accuracy.


mi band 3 heart rate sensor
Heart rate sensor of Mi Band 3


mi band 2 hr sensor
Heart rate sensor of Mi band 2


The heart rate sensor is also working all the time in Mi band 3, and I don’t have the problem whether the skin is black or I am in the low light room, it always read the heart rate without giving the cross “x” sign like Mi band 2. However, in Mi band 3, it takes a few more seconds than Mi Band 2 to get the result.


Sleep Tracking, Alarm & Reminder


mi band 3 sleep tracking
Sleep tracking stats on Mi Fit App


To be honest, I am not sure how much is the real accuracy about the sleep tracking, both the works fine here and shows deep and light sleep in the Mi fit app. All you need is to connect the Mi Band to the Mi-Fit through Bluetooth and keep the mobile aside around 10-20 meters till Bluetooth is connected, it will auto tracked once you sleep, the algorithm here is when your body doesn’t move, it starts counting sleep during the night time only. Through graph, you will understand when you wake up at night, or mostly we don’t know when we change the position on the bed, this count as light sleep, the deep sleep is the opposite.

Both the bands are working fine in Alarm & Reminder like an idle alert when you do not move your hands for one hour, and this is one of the best features to remind you to stand up from your chair and walk outside for a few minutes.


How is the fitness band straps quality?

When I compare both the mi band strap, I could say that Mi Band 2 strap is better than Mi Band 3 strap because of its quality and it is strong and durable, it won’t break easily, I have been using the same strap since last two years and never got any new strap so far as a replacement, with Mi Band 3 if your wrist is big then it might get some uncomfortable.


mi band 3 strap
Plenty of Mi Band 2 and 3 straps are available


You can buy more accessories and mi band straps on the Gearbest, to know more information about Gearbest, read my article about it.


What common in both the Mi Band?

  • Alarm & Reminder
  • Vibration, band vibrates in every message or task appears.
  • Phone call display and rejection
  • Unlock your phone
  • Proper connectivity
  • Dust and water resistant


What Mi Band 3 have only?

  • Auto heart rate monitoring
  • Weather Forecast
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Phone Locator
  • Stopwatch



The price of Mi Band 3 is Rs1,999 at Amazon Exclusive

Price of Mi Band 2 is Rs1,799 at Flipkart(Currently out of stock)

The price of Mi Band HRX is Rs 1,299 at Amazon and Flipkart



Of course, I will go for the Mi Band 3 because of new features, big display and they have improved algorithms for hr sensor, steps count, etc., the second reason is the difference of the price of Mi Band 2 and Mi Band is only the Rs200 margin. If you were thinking to go for the Mi Band 2 then better to go for the new fitness band Xiaomi Mi Band 3 instead. Now, if you don’t want heart rate sensor, then you should go for HRX edition. Instead, this will save some bucks.

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