Mi Band 5 – Frequently Asked Question – All You Need To Know

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Daily exercise and activity are required to track and give motivation when you wear a fitness band

There are many budget fitness bands available in the market, but I’m using the right one for the last three years, is Xiaomi Mi Band.

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Mi Band 5 fitness band
Mi Band 5 Fitness Band

I’m using Mi Band 2, 3, and now Mi band 5. The reason I trust Mi Band because of the accuracy, support, and updates.

Here are the most commonly asked questions(faqs) about Mi Band 5 and the simple answer by my own experience of having the fitness band.

  1. Is Mi Band 5 waterproof?

    mi band 5 waterproof

    Yes, it can support up to 50 meters of depth. You don’t need to remove the band while you are washing your hands or bathing.

  2. Is Mi Band 5 have Gorilla Glass?

    Unfortunately, no, it comes with a 2.5D curved glass panel that protects from scratches and corrosion. However, I strongly recommend that you should buy tempered glass to save more from such disasters

  3. Will Mi Band 5 have GPS?

    Unfortunately, No, you need to connect the location for the tracking system.

  4. Can Xiaomi Mi Band 5 measure blood pressure?

    No, there is no SPO2, aka blood pressure feature is available. This feature is only useful till the last covid-19 pandemic. It might be they haven’t added this feature, which is the drawback of the Mi band series.

  5. Does the Mi Band come with NFC support?

    No support for the Indian version because there is not much popularity in India’s NFC market. In Chinese and other global version have the NFC version.

  6. Is Mi band 5 better than Mi Band 4?

    Yes, likewise in Mi Band 3, they stopped giving an update after the launch of Mi Band 4, the same they will do for 4 sooner or later. I recommend you upgrade your band to 5 for more features like PAI, HR accuracy, Stress, breathing exercise, new fitness modes, and many new watch faces. 

  7. Is the Mi Smart Band 5 useless?

    Absolutely No, first in this price range of below 3000 rupees, you won’t get the best fitness band, second, lots of features except spo2, rest is more than any other band available price range.

  8. How long does it take for a Mi Band 5 to charge?

    In one hour, it completes the charging from 15 to 100%. It comes with a magnetic charger, so you don’t need to remove the strap likewise the previous Mi band series. It won’t support fast charging, better to go with a less than 5 watts power charger.

  9. Can Mi Band 5 read messages and answer calls?

    Yes, it can read messages like SMS and to show incoming calls but. It won’t show messages from WhatsApp or Facebook. Only you may get the notification to see the new messages on Mobile itself. You can reject or silent the call, but you can’t answer the call or reply to messages.

  10. How does Mi Smart Band connect to the phone?

    You have to install the Mi Fit app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Then create an account in Mi Fit, connect your device through Bluetooth, and enable location access. Once it gets connected, you can customize your band according to the options given in the app like Watch face, in-display settings, connect with your friends, and so on.

  11. Is it required to keep connected to the phone?

    No, it is optional and only required when you regularly check the app during the exercise. The band will still work without the phone, but you need to connect the Bluetooth for the firmware updates and other customization settings.

  12. How does stress measure work?

    stress level of Mi Band 5

    The stress monitoring features are based on HRV and the stress model. To adjust the Stress, you have to do some breathing exercises like the one feature has “Breathing” in Mi Band 5. There is a lot of difference in users’ opinion about the stress level count, sometimes relaxing shows a high-stress level. Make sure to enable heart rate monitoring has turned on to calculate it correctly.

  13. How accurate are heart rate, steps, calories, and track sleep?

    mi band heart tracker

    The heart rate sensor is not much inaccurate, neither accurate. I have been checked through a digital BPM machine and noticed a 2-3 value up and down the Mi Band measurement, but the accuracy is still enough to understand the heartbeat rate. Heart rate speed is faster than the previous Mi Band series.

    As of now, this date, steps are also not accurate. When I run google fit along with Mi Band, the steps count is behind google fit. Hopefully, they will release the OTA to fix this issue.

    I can’t say about calories and how they measure it by running and burning fat. There is no way to check the accuracy of the calories.

    Track sleep accuracy is perfect, no issue in this feature, REM, wake up, and other features are also working fine.

  14. Can Mi Band control Audio Music?

    Yes, Mi Band 5 can control audio by selecting the feature by swipe left. You may need to connect the Bluetooth to your phone, and then you can control the audio by Play, Pause, Next, Previous and volume control. You can also do the same for YouTube.

  15. Where to download more custom watch faces?

    Many apps are available in the play store to install the Mi band 5 watch faces. The most popular website is AmazFitWatchfaces.com. Many of the watch faces you may see on third party apps are imported from this website only. 

  16. Can Mi Band 5 measure body temperature?

    Recently found the source code in Xiaomi apps that soon they will release the body temperature. Only the Fitbit has this feature, but Fitbit is no longer unique after releasing the body temperature.

  17. Can I charge Mi Smart Band through Mobile Charger?

    The fitness band can be charge through low power current mobile charger, I usually charge through my Laptop, the same I did in Mi Band 3 and never face any problem so far in 2 years.

You may find some of your questions are not listed here, if you have any questions kindly drop the comments, I will try my best to give you the answer as soon as possible.

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