Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: Is It Right Time To Upgrade?

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Xiaomi has launched the no1 smartwatch in India recently is Mi Band 5. However, Mi band 4 was also successful so far, and it is the best fitness band in this budget.

That is why I am doing a comparison between Mi band 5 vs. Mi Band 4. After launching the Mi Band 4, which has a colorful display, an improved version of the previous fitness band plus some new features.

mi band 5

Mi Band 5 fitness band was launched in China this year. Then it launched globally, including India, with a similar price of the previous smart watch, which is available now on Amazon.

The current price is Rs2,499 for few days, then the price will be rising to Rs2,999, and it will be available on Mi.com and Amazon India.

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So, let’s talk about the comparison between both the fitness watch or you can say, smart band:

Mi Band 5 vs. Mi Band 4: Display


The display size of Mi band 5 is slightly larger than the previous one. It has a 1.1-inch size with a 126 x 294 pixels resolution, whereas band 4 has 0.95-inch with a 120 x 240-pixel resolution, with the same AMOLED touchscreen display.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5The brightness has also changed time by time in all previous bands of Mi. The Mi band 5 has 450 nits of brightness, whereas 4 has 400 nits, which I think is sufficient in daylight. It auto-dim the light at midnight so that it won’t give pain in the eyes.

It looks at the same screen and model, but the price and some new features of 5 are also considered.



Mi Band 5 vs. Mi Band 4: Specifications and Features


Both the band have the same waterproof resistance level support up to 50 meters. Both are having the AMOLED touchscreen display.

Mi band 5 supports 14 days of battery life while the 4 has 20 days battery life. However, you may get more than 20 days on both the band by regular use like not connected to Bluetooth or continuously heart rate sensor.

Mi Band 5 Magnetic ChargerA magnetic charging mechanism was introduced in band 5 to avoid disconnect strap for charging.

Not only this, they added Breathing exercises in an interval of 1 to 5 minutes duration, following the breathing pattern shown on the band display.

Mi Band 5, they added 11 exercise sports modes, while band 4 has six sports modes. New sports modes might be added in future firmware updates.

The Xiaomi Mi band 5 adds jump rope, yoga, rowing, and elliptical, which is very useful.

mi-band-5-workoutBand 5 has some new tracking features like Stress tracking, Female health tracking, and a barometer, which is useful for calculating the elevation like climbing many stars in an apartment or office.

Xiaomi claims that 50% is more accurate in real-time. Heart rate sensor compares to Mi band 4. If it is finding any abnormalities in heart rate, it will alert you.

What is PAI in Mi Band 5(Personal Activity Intelligence)?

Mi Band 5 Pai

New features have been introduced to calculate vital index using gender, age, heart rate, and other information to suggest the activities that may improve your PAL score. The algorithm-based gives you the score by tracking the heart rate.

Mi Band 5 vs. Mi Band 4: Sleep Monitoring


Both the band have the 24 hours continuously sleep monitoring feature unlike band 5 has REM(Rapid Eye Movement) which allow tracking the sleep stage for the body to recover, to know more about REM, click on the link.

REM sleep tracking in mi band 5Also, in band 5, they upgrade the sleep analysis technology by 40% to better result while you sleep.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs. Mi Band 4: Battery Life


In this new fitness band, the plus point is they increased the battery life, whereas, in band 4, the battery life is less than band 5. The battery size is 125mAh, while in band 4, it was 110mAh.

The charging time is around in both the band is up to 2 hours from 0 to 100%, sometimes it may charge earlier than the given time.

In both the band, battery life is around up to 20 days. You get more than 20 days if you use it regularly, like not connected to Bluetooth or continuously using a heart rate sensor.

Is there an NFC version and GPS inbuilt?

No, still in the Indian version, there is no NFC version. Only in the global version, it comes with NFC because currently in India, there is not much popularity for NFC.

Regarding the GPS, this is also not inbuilt. It would be best if you used a mobile phone to use GPS. NFC and GPS are even not available in the previous Xiaomi Mi Band series.

Is there a Blood pressure checker?


Nope, as always in the previous and this new band doesn’t have spo2 or to check blood oxygen measurement. I don’t know why Xiaomi didn’t add this feature, which is very useful in a pandemic situation. There is no oximeter like feature in none of the Mi Bands.

Smartwatch with Watchface:


Both the smart fitness bands can change the watch face by installing the app from the play store or third party websites. It has over 110 watch faces plus later, they will add more. Third-party developers also work to get more themes for mi band.

What are the accessories available?


Some of the accessories are listed on Amazon like tempered glass, different color straps, and chargers. By default, both the bands come with the black color strap, the quality of the strap is always acceptable, but I noticed that Mi Band 3 has better strap quality. Some good quality of the metal strap is also available in Amazon.

Unfortunately, there is no support of Alexa, voice assistant, or spo2 blood oxygen level in this version, only available in NFC based version band.

How to connect the Mi Band 5 via Bluetooth?


Like in Mi Band 4, you have to install the Mi Fit app from the playstore, the same way you have to do so for Mi Band 5. Install the app, then run the Bluetooth and location, both should be ON in your mobile, then open the app, sign in or register the Mi account, then connect the band through Bluetooth, it might take 1-3 minutes, or sometimes it gets connected quickly.

Once it gets connected, it will start updating the firmware to contact the server’s latest version. All the tracking, modes, change language, dnd, messengers notification, date, etc. all the functions and details, news are available in Mi fit app itself.

Is it worth buying or upgrade to Mi Band 5?


Yes, as I have mentioned above all the comparison between both the smart fitness band, if you have already experienced with Mi band 4, you will see the difference in the new one.

Fonts, the front screen is more extensive than the previous one, battery improved, charging way is also way improved without removing the bracelet. Heart rate monitoring is also improved, and some other features have been added in new band 5.

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