Philips 11000mAh Power Bank DLP6006 Review

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The usages of the power bank only those know when you are traveling and when you don’t have the electricity at home, Philips is the branded and known company from many years either for TV, Bulbs, tube lights, etc, we all know when it comes to the quality and warranty, the Philips comes to the mind. Philips launched the power bank product named as Philips 11000mAh Power Bank which is available on Amazon and Flipkart.



philips power bank
Philips 11000mAh Power Bank

Philips 11000mAh power bank is like the leather design coated and stitches around the edges of the power bank, no problem with the design at all. The weight is around 330g neither too heavy or lightweight. It comes in three colors but I prefer to go with brown or white, it looks attractive. 



The Philips 11000mAh power bank comes with the three USB output ports, Torch, LED indicator, charging micro USB cable and a one-year domestic warranty.



Philips 11000mAh charging time takes 7-8 hours which is common with these power bank because they don’t have the facility for fast charging. It shows four digits while charging or using it from 25% to 100%, so whenever it is reaching the 25% or so, it keeps blinking until it won’t reach the value, once it reached, the first one will stop blinking and second will start blinking. We can notice heat because of continuously charging and that is common in electronic devices. You can use up to 1.5 times in 5000mAh mobile battery like the one I am using on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 mobile device.




There is no doubt of buying Philips power bank. I am already using this and Rock 13000mAh power bank, both are working fine from last three months and never faced any problem so far. The only problem with all the power bank available is they come up with the micro USB cable which is always a low quality, so better to use mobile USB charging cable, this doesn’t impact on performance.


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