Rock 13000mAh Power Bank Review Below Rs1000

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The power bank is one of the important accessories for our daily life whether we are at home or traveling, without power bank our mobile device is just like without charging adapter. Lots of power bank available in the market, so, I have bought the power bank Rock 13000mAH at the price of Rs599 in the Flipkart Big shopping days.


Power Bank Design

Rock 13000mAh power bank comes in two colors, white and black, I have a white color, the design is simple but and having a lot of line in the middle of the power bank which is the ergonomic design which makes easy to hold means no slippery. It is made in India has written in the back side. The weight is almost the same as 330gm which is slightly heavy.

rock 13000 mah power bank
Rock 13000mAh Power Bank


Power Bank Features

The Rock 13000mAh power bank having a two USB ports, type-c charging(iPhone), and normal charging, along with four lights for charging indicator and a one-year onsite warranty. It supports quick charging 3.0. It supports 2A cable for 2A charging port. 


Power Bank Charging Time


rock power bank
Rock 13000mAh Power Bank


The Rock 13000mAh charging time is around 7-9 hours which is common with these power bank because they don’t have the facility for fast charging. It shows four digits while charging or using it from 25% to 100%, so whenever it is reaching the 25% or so, it keeps blinking until it won’t reach the value, once it reached, the first one will stop blinking and second will start blinking. We can notice heat because of continuously charging and that is common in electronic devices. You can use up to 2 times in 5000mAh mobile battery like the one I am using on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 mobile device.



The Rock brand doesn’t have any physical service center, you might have to email them to get some support during the warranty. I have been using the Rock power bank from three months and didn’t find any issues so far with them, with the price point you can go for it.

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